phoenix foundation

Must admit to being taken by video and tune alike, new thing by phoenix foundation who I’m certain have featured in these pages once upon a time in the near recent past who it seems have something of a penchant for the quietly stately and smooth panoramic sound boards of the 80’s. now we’ve wrestled with this each and every time we’ve heard it and much to our exasperation are still not convinced we’ve nailed the nagging reference marker that comes orbiting amid the deep recesses of our minds eye each time this cutie rears into earshot, at times its wispy slow seductive purrs had us recalling Peter Gabriel in his pre ’So’ persona, but that wasn’t quite it, then we thought Godley and Crème – nearer to the mark, perhaps the Church at their most chilled and statuesque getting closer still. It was at this point that we were near preparing the acceptance of defeat when upturned in our recall came Thomas Dolby. Anyway as to the song, delicately demurred in shimmer tingles and softly dimpled in sighing signatures all kissed in a distractive cosmic cool the type of which ought to get the daytime radio schedules all a jangle and the night time play lists a-glowed in spectral sophistication.

Well here’s the video judge for yourself…


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