the future kings of england

Determined as we are not to be outdone or left lagging behind, we’ve fired off missives in the hope of securing copies of the future kings of England newie – see just a little to the above in case you’ve forgotten what we’re on about – though not before tripping across this little sound clip of ‘a face of crumpled linen’ from the ‘who is this who is coming’ set. My haven’t the kings matured since we last heard them not that creative immaturity has ever been an issue with this lot given they’ve always been ahead of the musical curve crafting such sublime aural canvas’ that perhaps only the sounds and crafted spirit of porcupine tree ever seemed on equal merit. This is a serious head trip, atmospherically charged, brooding, beautiful and touched in expectant disturbia to sound not unlike the kind of psychorama groove that adorned Brit / Italo horror flicks in the latter 60’s and early 70’s, it comes gorgeously woven into a trippy odyssey and brushed with a full on cinematic presence that hints at Goblin at the height of their mercurial powers in the eye of a Godspeed storm.

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