derek rogers

Derek Rogers last loomed up on our radar way back a few years ago courtesy of an ultra limited cassette release put out by those lovely people at Scotch Tapes who to much heavy heartedness we must mourn their lack of activity of late, those packages from Al where indeed things eagerly opened and fondly savoured on the speaker system in what was the losing today record shed. We always admired his impeccable knack of introducing us to the strange, the weird and quite often the unmistakable. And so back to Mr Rogers, ‘below three’ is taken fro his latest ultra limited cassette outing for A Giant Fern – another label of whom I’m gathering we need to acquaint ourselves with fairly sharpishly, entitled ‘signifying memory’ I‘m certain I‘ve seen somewhere that there‘s only 50 copies so you’d better get your skates on if you want to nail one. Features two lengthy ambient / drone suites recorded live at origami vinyl in Echo Park earlier this year and utilise field recordings gathered by Montreal resident Lorrie Edmonds. Delicate and finitely balanced ‘below three’ is immersed in shimmer toned garlands, reverberating hums of bowed opines induce a spectral almost enchanted calm, the precision craft of the magnified manipulations are exquisite and refined, stilled atmospherics usher forth to the toll of distant church bells whose charmed peel equates a mood changing impending charge to matters as they draw ever nearer with a threatening clang. And then in an abrupt eye blinking moment of silence enters stage left a distorted Cathedral procession fractured and torn in minimalist bliss hissed skree to take centre stage to shower all in a celestial after burn before fading out in to the ether


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