duas semicholcheias invertidas / cangarra

Future a giant fern taste making cassettes are expected from german army, ichtyor tides, sindre bjerga and missives favourites roadside picnic of whom we await with baited breath at the arrival of a bumper package of goodies – no sign yet alas. Should you still be with us at this juncture latest cassette release sees duas semicolcheias invertidas in a face off with cangarra – admittedly I’ll put my hands up in saying I have absolutely no idea what is going on here, the former mentioned imps seem at ease to beat the crap out of whatever object happens to have the misfortune of being in reach at that precise given moment, a cacophonous slab of atonal freeform with post no wave attributes and a fair wallop of agit groove goo, quite frankly all over the shop, a serious head butting assault that sounds like something the impish Andy Pyne in his various incarnations has had a crack at, literally everything is thrown into this molten maelstrom – fried jazz, art rock, maddening math core teased out by detuned festering riffage and near critical meltdown electronics – and that’s just the first 20 seconds – 8 minutes in it all goes weird jazz for a minute or so before seemingly submitting and surrendering to a squalling full throttle skree scarring whiteout. Good luck with that. Slightly more together and less erratic are cangarra, well I say less erratic and more together – I should really have qualified that by warning you that this is flame retardant and liable to scorch your speaker system to ash and cinders, a bearded beatnik bastard with ambitions to be a nuclear variant of blue cheer, so out there and shit faced as it veers towards the dark side of the telescopes and circle, should appeal to noise disciples endeared by those marathon trensmat workouts and the endurance pushing white out psychosis of the Acid Mothers. http://www.agiantfern.tumblr.com

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