fossil collective

Bloody hell I’m welling up already and that’s just the opening 25 seconds however will I make it to the 3.28 run out. The fossil collective are indeed adored around these parts, on the occasions they’ve appeared on our sound system we’ve dutifully despatched said gems with a hearty recommendation and a tear in the eye. Due soon a new EP entitled ‘the water’ via dirty hit maintains the surrendering yearn of earlier outings per the teaser title cut, sounding not unlike a distressed and vulnerable lo-fi Simon and Garfunkel, duo jonny (hooker) and david (fendick) cut from the finest of folk’s timeless tapestry to turn in something ethereal, elegant and borderline spiritual, softly spun harmonies sweetly caressed by the merest of melodic detailing crushes with a hymnal ache rarely heard so hurtful and captivating since the emergence and passing of the low anthem. Expect a full on visitation in forthcoming missives.

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