futur primitif

And did we just mention the low anthem, well here’s the latest nugget from former LA singer Daniel Lefkowitz under his newfound guise as future primitif. Not the first time we’ve had the pleasure of featuring Futur Primitif in these pages, ’time’ slated for release on integrity next month is culled from his debuting ’machineteeth’ set released a little while ago. An absolute gem that’s cut with such sparse technique that its best viewed in the sleeping still of the night that way it avoids the hectic hustle and bustle of day time routine and into the bargain allows the song to breath and fill the listening space with its sweet seduction. Draped in all manner of shimmering sepia trims, this dreamy ballad waltzes with a beguiling ghostly elegance like an apparition riding aloft an airless dreamy wave amid mallowy reverb rushes all speckled in a vintage 50’s framing, utterly adorable.

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