oranssi pazuzu

Bet this lot don’t suffer fools gladly, described by their press folk as ’a cerebral mix of avant-garde space rock and black metal’ – Finnish dark cadets Oranssi Pazuzu are shortly due to drop a mother load of densely choking squalling groove courtesy of their ’valonielu’ full length for Svart from which we managed to nab opening salvo ’vino verso’ to seduce your discerning ear. We say seduce merely as a wheeze quite frankly its liable to strip the top three layers of your face skin clean off without a so much as a by your leave. Hell stricken apocalyptic psyche if our ears do not deceive that imagines an insanely retribution venting ‘Jesus built my hotrod’ era ministry skull fucking the Brian Jonestown and Black Angels contingent, this skree scowling bad ’un comes curdled by way of a howling despair gouged sandblasting armoury of festering locked groove monochromatics all surgically wired to a formidable mutant kraut underpin and headed up by a singer who from sound alone you’d imagine had been dragged back from beyond the veil. Stunning and seismic. http://www.soundcloud.com/earsplit/oranssi-pazuzu-vino-verso

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