the lumerians

Here’s a bit of a blast from the past. Several years ago we happened upon an email from a young band making their first forays into the heady world of space rock, much fondness was bestowed upon these young stellar cadets and their debuting EP proved such a blast that we entrusted it with the rarely awarded single of the missive accolade. And then nothing. Fast forward several years and it appears the blighters have been knocking out releases like no ones business all of which to much disturbed and perturbed grumbling and the occasional gnashing of teeth we’ve missed out on. The Lumerians – for it is they to who we refer – cut a sizeable swoon on that five track debut – sonic boo love children crafting a deeply intoxicating aural alchemy that fused brian Jonestown with the black angels and beyond. Pulled from their recent ‘the high frontier’ set for partisan, ‘smokie and the lady chorus’ is a heavy set big bearded galactic opus that dips into the tripping backwaters of walking seeds oft criminally overlooked ‘bad orb…whirling ball’, lysergically kissed looping motifs whittle an out there and blissed cosmicalia that’s lushly sugar dipped in old school beatnik phrased primitive kraut grooved psych prog a la cluster et al. that said its not often we make reference of a accompanying video but this is quite explicit, exceptional and well quite bizarre. A surreal futuro sci-fi fantasia artistically choreographed by the ultra hip Lillemon art house collective which before you dive into we should say features such animated matter as fish porn and patricide – a kind of cartoon Jeremy Kyle grab bag if you like which I’m gathering won’t be appearing any day soon on daytime pop playing TV schedules that’s if there are any. Are there any now I come to think of it.

Those fancying checking out the praise we heaped upon the lumerians debuting platter for the subterranean elephants imprint are advised to go to

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