eleanor rigby

Quick mention for this, eyed on the activity listings on face book. it’s the latest outing from Eleanor Rigby – okay a re-issue of sorts, alas annoyingly only available via download. Now I’m certain we’ve a few Eleanor Rigby platters festooned about our person, seem to recall a couple of re-issued 7’s appearing and disappearing in a flash during the mid 90’s (that if I’m not very much mistaken we ordered from fogy notion which if memory serves was a mail order thing run by two chaps who used to publish a little update fanzine which so impressed was given pride of place after much thumbing in our record room – alas we don’t have them now given they fell foul of a very spiteful ex). Anyhow back with Eleanor Rigby this is the flipside to the current release ‘I’m not like anyone else’. mod queen and scooter boy pin up, Eleanor’s brief foray in pop’s history books was brief though seismic, a lasting legacy that trailed a finite precious blaze in the mid 80’s and a name ushered by the more clued up indie community that sprang up during the brit pop flowering in the 90’s. one album and a handful of singles left in the wake of her ‘retirement’ just at the point when her career was set to go orbital. ‘up the junction’ is simply pure class, traced to a delirious symphonic pop hush whose inspired and faultless 60’s trimming hints of it being dropped straight out of a Bill Naughton penned kitchen sink drama, imbibed with the enchanted floral pirouette of a delicately teased harpsichord and serviced with a sleek and slender seductive soft psych lilt that trembles and coos to a sun sparked shimmer that recalls some sunny soundtrack bliss out blending Dusty and Lulu.



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