Exile on mainstream

Seems that the word is quickly rumbling across the grind / doom / screamo / hard core community about this German based trio. An acclaimed and by all accounts incendiary support slot for Unsane only served to fuel the flames of their impending wider popularity. Two ultra limited 10 inch releases have so far made it unscathed from Flu.id’s hell pit HQ – 2006’s self titled debut for the Modus Operandi imprint and 2007’s ’new imperial sadism’ for Interstellar. Both despite their limited pressings, distribution and press flew off the racks by sheer word of mouth are now culled together tweaked and recalibrated to make up the trio’s debut full length ‘iots’.

Now relocated to Exile on Mainstream (home of Beehoover whose forthcoming ‘heavy zoo’ we literally took delivery of today – a killer thing it is to – Hidden Hand, Spitting off Tall Buildings and A Whisper in the Noise), ‘IOTS’ is a scalding and unrelentingly vicious 15 track cranium caving cauldron of white hot carnage that happily took me back to misspent days thumbing record shelves for speaker roasting platters by the likes of Carcass (check out the dislocated dysfunctional ‘ira’) Jesus Lizard and Slayer.

Flu.ID aren’t in the market for taking prisoners, their bastardised dissections of gnarled blues and swamp infested jazz codas (just check out the dread oozed caustic ‘pens are friends’) are pummelled to within an inch of their existence and bent out of shape amid a blistering aural assault of brutalised heads down stop / start strobe effected slasher gore. With vocals that sound for all the world as though they aren’t from this world – or at the very last have been distilled in some hell pit Flui.ID let loose their contagion in full throttle ravaged splendour, a savaged soundtrack to your worst nightmare that at varying points comes across like some unholy exorcism being preformed on Sabbath by Killing Joke – look no further than the frenzied speed freakin’ ‘b’ for evidence. Elsewhere ‘enthymen’ hideously (and gleefully) lurches, stalks, staggers and lunges with ferocious fractured fervour. Metal heads will do well to plug into the inspired and dare we say choking grunge gore grind of the Melvins like ‘strategy first’.

And when their not trepanning the crap out of you with their septic symphonies their scaring you witless with their intermittent momentary electronic squiggles – odd, ominous and deeply unsettling excursions in the realms of the weird and wired – ’new imperial sadism’ in particular’ is a disturbing nightmarish update of the Barron’s incidental score for the original ‘forbidden planet’ while there’s a twisted and unhinged melee of the bludgeoned drum ‘n’ bass, industrial accents, proggy Goblin-esque ‘zuegli’ with its chattering beats and demented meltdown motifs or the skewed force feeding meltdown of the Atari Teenage Riot like ‘all I can give’

Though for us the best moment comes in the shape of the parting ‘taka takaz’ – a vapid and volatile slice of 60’s sourced smoked shade wearing psych 60’s shimmer pop poked, prodded and punched out by a rampant reverie of seismic sinew straining fury – well smart. An essential type thing.


Key tracks –
Strategy first

from march 2008

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