We got a message from Paddy over at Tesla the spiritual sonic home if you like of Gnod alerting us to all manner of head melting groove currently residing on the imprint, if we don’t get to it here in this write up then we’ll definitely earmark for listening action next missive out. I mention all this not just because we wanted to put it out there in a ’do not adjust your sets’ type of way but because it reminded us to follow up something we’ve been meaning to do for ages but as yet have struggled time wise with, namely a little peak at what’s been happening over at trensmat of late. So how does one remind you of the other you might rightly wonder – simply the fact that the latest limited outing from Ireland’s finest psych noise experimentalist imprint comes courtesy of Dwellings – the exploratory vehicle of Chris Haslam and part of the ever expanding Gnod family circle. As ever strictly limited – and if its anything like previous releases – sold out at pre sale, the ‘don’t say nothing’ comes pressed up on heavy duty coloured vinyl each copy housing digital download codes for the cuts wax stamped within along with an additional exclusive to the release 17 minute opus entitled ’under gun metal skies’. for your troubles a colossal 5 track trip meister awaits to plug its receptors into the core of your cerebrum. Originally appearing earlier this year on the Tesla imprint (another mention – you’d think I was on commission) in an uber limited 50 cassettes only pressing and something we did in fact touch on via our sister Sunday Experience word press blog way back in March, ’don’t say nothing’ is your subterranic bass machine side to the Gnod hive mind, first impressions viewing the set as a whole in one sitting would procure a vision drizzled in apocalyptic drone but scratch away a little deeper and within the mesmeric shards of opener ’frame speed’ there’s a playful twist of Detroit techno being recalibrated and submerged into an austere and minimalist monochrome framing that echoes early Cabaret Voltaire and translates as though a very youthful Boards of Canada found marooned in some blade runner styled future world in a parallel dimension are hastily sending out distress calls to which somewhere here the truth about Frank are coding. ’drone invasion’ is curved in a decidedly frisky mutant funk casing whereupon through the blurring and frantic haze of mainframe consoles achieving critical mass the digitised purr of tigerbeat6 styled mind morphing mantras skittishly surfaces, though if you ask me its liable to send kitchen appliances into feverish ecstasy. Next up ’holographic mirror’ perhaps all said the most approachable cut here to newfound Gnod heads, as the press release rightly asserts loosely that is a tranced out gem than mainlines on a mutoid Moroder mindset albeit here relocated and rephrased in an early 80’s club land under the watchful eye of Arthur Baker. ’wave propagation’ bring the vinyl content to a close courtesy of a sublimely forlorn galactic dronal suite that reboots the textures explored on the opening ’frame speed’ and in so doing completing the circle so to speak though not before entrancing all in hulking swathes of serene star drifts. Turning you out into the cold the menacingly oblique ‘under gun metal skies’ sees matters to an ominous closure channelling directly into Dwellings dark heart to carve out a nightmarish vision of dread futures desolate and devastated, the foreboding ceremonial procession of unrelenting metallic clangs, industrial propulsions and the groaning pulsars only serve to heavily set this monolithic mantra in an ice stilled atmospheric forged in the hostile eye of the Snape collective to draw upon a withering and unforgiving glimpse of tomorrow through the viewfinder of Wizards Tell Lies.


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