jay tausig

The first sneak peak airings of the forthcoming ‘shrunken heads’ single due soon on fruits de mer, the double pack single a kind of after glowing comedown emerging from the smoky haze of the labels critically acclaimed kraut comp ‘head music’ features dandified cover re-drills of tangerine, faust, brain ticket and gong grooves by a familiar returning crop of space cadets namely black tempest, vespero, Frobisher neck and jay Tausig – however it’s the latter that gets an early call on this preview excerpt – Jay Tausig should need no introductions here, a workaholic psychedelic overlord here doing weird warping things to Gong’s ‘the glorious OM riff’ – Gong of course again in need of no introduction back in the day carved out what can only be described as aural acid tabs – so strap in and prepare for the next two minutes to have your listening space redecorated in lysergic ally tripped out mushroom mirages……


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