more rescued musings from earlier in the year…

From adoring to adorable ‘I love you’ offers a sneak peak at what to expect nuzzled upon the grooves of Cuushe’s forthcoming though as yet untitled sophomore full length for the flau imprint in the summer. Delicately euphoric and ushered in upon a blissfully shimmer toned caress of celestial choruses all hypnotically swirled in a fond carousel of mesmeric mirages, Cuushe daydreams her way through the airless ether murmuring sweetly teased love notes that dissolve, dissipate and demur to enchant, beguile and dispatch ghostly kisses upon your headspace much like a shy eyed and smitten moomLooo all of which ought to appeal to those of you attuned to the forlorn electro delights of the loaf / lo recordings stable most notably the early work of grimes….

Here’s Cuushe in session covering the track – incidentally the album is just out on flau entitled ’butterfly case’

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