the rg morrison

First of all apologies to all concerned for the delay with this one. Much older listeners might well recall us mentioning in these pages many moons ago the RG Morrison who if I recall rightly we regaled about in such appreciable tones that they never darkened our sound system again leaving us mourning the missing of ‘farewell, my lovely’. seems the quartet went into hibernation for a while slowly coming together a year ago to begin laying down cuts that now form their forthcoming ’diamond valley’ set – a copy of which has been smouldering on the back burner since arriving in our gaff a day or so ago. For now though two teaser cuts pressed on clear vinyl and strictly limited to just 300 copies should still that ache of summer passing into an autumnal grip. Richly cured in a smooth smoked Americana lilt ’slumber’ might first appear sparse and lightly woven yet scratch beneath its surface trimmings and there you’ll find a full bodied vintage that loosely coils around the workbook of a young Neil Young and just while you are being lulled by its woody lazy eyed after glow almost mesmerised by the softly spun mantra the blighter unexpectedly ruptures and lets rip in a most discordant and spitefully frustrated style much reminiscent of a losing his cool Steve Earle from therein things get shall we say heavily dislocated. Over on the other side ‘sweetheart’ is more emotionally melting, ghosted in introspection and curdled bitter sweetly there’s an unswerving sense that your peaking over a shoulder reading someone’s deeper diary thoughts, something I should add ripe for listening by admirers of Elliott Smith and Simon Joyner.


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