Okay loads of Static Caravan goodies to get through, first up on the inspection table the second 7 inch from tokolosh. Pressed up on blue vinyl and arriving replete with some kind of photo negative type thing accompanying two nifty cuts of – well quite frankly – sounds from another age. I suspect I’m guilty of always qualifying each new Static Caravan release with a hearty – best thing from them in an age – but believe me this is something else, for tokolosh inhabit a musical landscape with their ears in the past and eyes firmly in the future. Lead out track ’shapeshifter’ is in short the best thing never recorded by Yes featuring Jon Anderson and before you get all snobbish and dismissive let me just say one scant listen of this will have you hooked. Ticking the progressive boxes but not in a laboured way, ’shapeshifter’ instead rifles through a well thumbed classic era record collection featuring first pressings on such imprints as harvest, vertigo, moon crest et al extrapolating the best bits as reference notes to then wire them onto a aural canvas that fuses spectral electronic wisps with a subtle tracing of psych into a colourfully kaleidoscopic folk language. Over on the flip awaits ’bloodlines’ – our preferred cut of the two, more tendered in pastorals and lushly choreographed with a faint folk majesty that delicately flowers and flirts to a very Circulus in a longing embrace with a youthful Genesis palette whilst simultaneously rubbing an affectionate shoulder alongside fellow Static dudes the Yellow Moon Band. Exquisite if you ask me and very much deserving of further investigation.

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