black saturn

We’ve sort of lapsed a little I’m sorry to say on the all things Alrealon Musique – the imprint playing home to such celebrated folk as John 3:16, Rasplyn, the jazz fakers and black Saturn the latter of whose ’the blessing tree’ we eyed on a face book activity note and took a little listen to. An exclusive cut from the Alrealon Musique compilation ’new sonic strategies’ which gathers together all the usual Alrealon suspects along with friends they’ve picked up along the way to chisel out a sixteen track celebration of the labels aural vision. Alas no murmurists cuts in sight their debuting ‘I cannot tell you where I am until you I love’ is by all accounts due any day now and features a whole host of guest narrators recording story line cut ups fractured into an ominous concrete musique odyssey by chief murmurist Anthony Donovan – we’ll try and badger the label for links. For now though back to black Saturn whose ‘the blessing tree’ you could easily imagine gracing some darkly choking psychological terror flick, utilising the kind of industrial dub accents sourced by label mate John 3:16, the Black Saturn technique is one of stilled disquiet, foreboding and bleak this unrelenting blighter mooches and prowls fronted by an impenetrable and unwavering propulsive grind that imagines remote futures and dread servitude.

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