black tempest

Again limited to just 50 cassette copies and garnering acclaim with each passing aural adventure, Surrey based space cadet Stephen Bradbury’s next turntable visitation will be courtesy of a returning spot on the forthcoming ‘shrunken heads’ set for fruits de mer following his well heeled appearance on the labels frankly phenomenal ‘strange fish’ series. Before that though there was this tesla outing to cast an ear over. ‘arcane’ features four heavily kraut crafted suites that reveal the full spectrum of Bradbury’s oeuvre with each one marshalling a distinctly different sonic universe. Here you’ll be chilled to the mysterious 11 minute cut ‘the chariot’ which aside sounding like its just dropped out of Radiophonic Workshop vault prime packed with last minute aborted incidentals for an as then proposed suite marking the late 60’s appearance of the Cybermen to the ever extending Dr Who franchise also takes a leaf from the Raymond Scott book of repetitive looping progressions and seemingly wires your headspace to a mind evaporating dream machine. ’the four of wands’ is lighter toned by sharp contrast, dimpled in lullaby corteges which at first sound ripe for the ear of admirers of ISAN and Ghost Box until blossoming and flowering deliciously in radiant showers of jubilance and galloping in star twinkled environs lushly trimmed in Brontean pastorals much like an adoring cosmically hued fortdax. Immersing itself in all manner of trip-a-delic motorik technoid waveforms ‘the heriophant’ is your old school Aphex with its controls coolly set for the stun prowling and observing the genesis of new found sound worlds made to order by the collaborative hive mind of Zombi and Moroder while ‘the king of swords’ wraps matters up drawing things to a close with some superbly sculptured woozy low end frequency dub-tronic trippiness. Does it for us.

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