strange brew / the pretty things

New Strange Brew pod cast is their best yet and features a rare and exclusive special focusing on one of the finest acts ever to have crawled out of the 60’s. the Pretty Things didn’t subscribe to rule books, their sound was forged on a blind confidence removed from the influence of outsider fashions, a collective band of brothers blessed with a rare creative genius who would by the end of the decade post two of the finest albums in rocks rich and vast canon – namely ’S F Sorrow’ and ’Parachute’. celebrating their sixth decade together – on and off – they recently headlined Fruit de Mer’s inaugural all dayer at the Borderline supported by the finest crop of young psychedelicised disciples reared and awed in their slipstream. Oft compared with the Stones, though considerably better by far, the Stones basked in the riches of success whilst the Pretties laboured into obscurity boasting the bragging rights in terms of cool kudos, Lydon when invariably called to task about the Pistols signing to the majors and their phoney war with the Clash would oft cite his reasoning being to avoid the same fate as the Pretties. convening back stage at the aforementioned borderline soiree the Strange Brew crew join Messrs Taylor, May et al for chat in this 90 minute homage along the way a rich picking of platters – nineteen in all – featuring covers, off shoots, rarities and originals serve to celebrate the nations finest – amongst the play list the drop dead cool Floydian ‘fallen angels’ from ‘78 and ’defecting grey’ from the SF Sorrow sessions – arguably one of the most unhinged slabs of wiring punked out psyche psychosis ever committed to wax – a kind of fist flinging Cardiacs meets Supergrass with Syd Barrett styled hallucinogenic x-ray shades.


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