the young sinclairs

Absolutely smoking this, new 4 track (5 if you get it on digital – a bonus cut featuring a killer re-reading of the Roky Erikson’s ’I have always been here before’) pop platter from the young sinclairs. This babe comes sumptuously teased to an ultra coolly smouldered vintage signature that oozes to an old school song craft cradled in 50’s / 60’s motifs that are rightly picking up admiring glances from the shindig crew, I mean slyly nicking to riff from the Stones ‘brown sugar’ takes some nervy class but then to have the balls to wire it to a succulently darkly lysergic soft psych thread that smokes to a Brian Jones classicism that’s stirred and frazzled to an off centring and wasted buzz sawed blues bloodline purr – is by our reckoning sheer class (’ear to the ground‘). While the opening brace of the EP’s cuts are exquisitely honed by way of the honey crusted harmonies and crystalline chiming 12 string Byrds-ian shimmers that adorn the bubble grooves of ’you know where to find me’ and the forlorn teary teen angst tracing that aches within ’too young’ to hark back to a 50’s golden age of innocence (not to the Wilsons) it’s the latter three cuts which seal the deal here. We’ve already mentioned ‘ear to the ground’ but its ‘remember this song’ that stands up and looms large as the sets stand out moment. Ripped from the fuzz adorned primordial ooze that birthed the likes of the misunderstood, the standells and the troggs and chilled with the echoes of the dark kaleidoscopic sounds of a latter day youthful Bordellos, this prime cut 90 second slab of bad boogie sounds as though its stumbled out of the hazily fried confines of a garage vault intent on choking you with its menacing monochromatic purr. Rounding off what is a killer set with a faithful reading of the legendary garage psyche troubadour Mr Erikson’s lost power pop buzz bomb ‘I have always been here before’ here all trimmed in a gorgeously introspective radiance which at the three minute mark suddenly lifts off and exit’s earth orbit in a most welcoming Bevis Frond way. Essential – but then I guess you kinda knew that.


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