plastic flowers

Due for download release via tip top recordings and the subject of a limited cassette edition by crash symbols shortly will be the debut full length from George and Angel of Greece entitled ‘evergreen’. better known to the demurring dream pop community as plastic flowers, this due have wowed the star watching cognoscenti by way of three lushly honed EP’s of frost sculptured bliss pop. Primed for critical action in a forthcoming missive we’ve been smitten by the sneak peak offering currently arresting souls on sound cloud. Prized from the album ‘ghosts’ features a special guest appearance by Keep Shelley in Athens (? – me neither) – all gorgeously shimmered in an amorphous porcelain framing schooled in the kiss cool spectral sophistication of an early 80’s cold wave electronica scene, this purring honey ushers from an ethereal haze dimpled in prowling bass lines all softly demurred to sound not unlike something falling off a Peel play list c.1983 – add to the equation a lushly coded cosmic mirage that imagines a daydreaming Clerks in a longing embrace with the Insect Guide all tastefully reclined upon a backdrop so elegant and ethereal it arrives as though trip-wired off some lost Ex Post Facto gem. Blissful in short.

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