An email from Mikie of the postcard who for those slightly in the dark and wondering what the hell we are talking about are a damn fine beat pop combo hailing from rock n’ roll’s ground zero – er – Isle of Man in case your wondering – who many many years ago released the occasional nugget on the much missed Filthy Little Angels imprint – who I’ll say here and now were one of the – if – not THE finest bedroom / budget DIY label to have graced these pages in the last 10 years. Anyhow no new Postcode stuff just yet which kind of put a sizeable pin in our bubble, here’s us with our dancing shoes ready to bop, tut tut, still here’s a cutie featuring the Postcode’rs Mikie, Marie and Martin with Phil gathered together way back in 2007 as Stoliday. Originally appearing on the fondly admired twee turntable teasing Cloudberry records, Small Bear have just re-released the highly sought after ’elderly people are punk’ EP. It time honoured fashion we’ll pick this up next missive out, if we remember that is, for now though can we just advise that you redirect your mouse to the third cut ’happy with me’. a gorgeously delicate homage to Sarah records finest, shimmered in breezy strum lulled and coaxed with a becoming lovelorn lilt to joins the dots between the Sundays and the Siddeleys whilst simultaneously opining coolly to the numbing spectral tease of a young St Etienne –


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