the black ink

Tucked somewhere amid this extended missive or quite possibly the next edition, you’ll find a glowing review of the latest tokolosh platter for static caravan – a truly amazing release which along with their debut 7 inch has so far earned them a faultless release schedule. We mention all this not to further heap coverage on tokolosh wherever possible – which be fair why not – should be heard, should be loved and should be in your record collection – nuff said – but because at this point its worth mentioning the black ink whose new pop platter ’tangerine’ veers ever so closely into their sphere of influence. Crooked and slightly funky in a distractively off centred way, ’tangerine’ seductively shimmies and sidesteps to a vibe that glows to a west coast purr dimpled in a softly subtle 70’s shading whilst blessed with a singer who sounds uncannily like a young Jeff Lynne.

Here’s the video accompanying it – quite clever and smart if you ask me….

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