the luminanas

Been an age since we had anything by trouble in mind gracing our player and a much missed distraction its been given that these dudes seem to knock out dandy discs at a ridiculous regularity you’d suspect they had a secret factory somewhere cloning the blighters for world domination. Now I’ll be the first to admit that the luminanas ‘my black Sabbath’ doesn’t hint you between the eyes first listen, or come to think of it second third or fourth listen, you see its cut from a different cloth your usual TiM groove. Prized from a forthcoming set entitled ‘costa blanca’ Maria and Lio Luminana cut seductive soft psych shapes in mystical sands that touches and nods to the strange intoxica that was once visited upon grooves of platters bearing the name Anna D and Le Mans. Assumed of an amorphous signature that discards the usual verse chorus verse structuring, ’I’m black Sabbath’ ghosts in on a magic flying carpet sprinkling the listening space with a heady potion of touch light sun tanned wooziness as though relocating a west coast trippiness to some lost arabesque paradise. Sultry sitars weave hypnotic motifs to a shuffling percussive backdrop braided by detuned strum serenades and the softly chilled off centring effervescent murmur of Maria ushering spell crafted mantras – a frankly dizzying spectacle. Goes without saying we want that album.–my-black-sabbath/s-dSNxk

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