isobel cCircle

I’m guessing there’ll be some regular observers to these pages found a tad wanting of wizards tell lies groove. Rest easy for there’s been a flurry of activity of late emanating out of the secretive voids of WTL’s expansive universe not least a collaborative meeting of minds between head Wizard Matt Bower and April Larson forging headway under the guise of Isobel cCircle. Available as a download from the previously unknown to us Chapel Yard imprint. The ’eyes in the ground’ EP gathers together four inner space occupying suites which, on first hearing ‘fractal hooks’ had us cooing rather partially to recall early visitations exacted upon our turntable by the alrealon musique empire that said its the parting ’invernos’ that had us somewhat hunched in a ball and cowering from the safe confines of the sofa. A brooding slice of minimalist classicism it is to, a sumptuous sound sculpturing of atmospheric tensions dimpled in swathes of dronal tides that appear in the initial stages bleached bare by impenetrable washes of skree blasts only to evolve into moments of transcendental trippiness with the onset of glassy opines before shifting focus to enter Expo 70 environs all the while indelibly steeled in a chill factoring snowy haze of motorik pulse murmurs and controlled out there sonic manipulations. We’ll try and get downloads for a full review – for now though go to

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