mai mai mai

Not a lot of information about this, safe to say we eyed it on a face book activity posting from the boring machines imprint who we fear we’ve kind of lost touch with in recent times, no doubt due to moves / email changes and the disappointing without warning pulling of losing today operations something to which we’ve still had no contact / explanation let alone apology – my seething mood has not relented. Anyhow enough grumbling, Boring Machines in case your not up to speed on such matters are one of Italy’s finest imprints who boast and roster graced with releases by such esteemed names as Philippe Petit, Fabio Orsi, Expo 70 and Father Murphy to name just a few. Forthcoming on the label is – we think – the debuting full length by Mai Mai Mai – as said no info – but the album due next month is called ’theta’ – ’telos’ culled from that set is a hulking slab of monochrome cold wave electronica that taps directly in to the hive mind of a chilling post punk landscape, both doomy and desolate, an imagining of future world wastelands as though sculptured upon the sparse and fractured hinterlands of John Foxx’s ’metamatic’ and remodelled by 70 Gwen Party. Does it for us, we’ll try and secure copies of the album for closer inspection.


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