quiet marauder

Personally I’ve never been one for the lip caterpillar, muzzy or moustache, always felt they looked daft, underwhelming and slightly lost without the framing of full facial hair furniture – ie a full on beard – a bit like one rogue armchair minus its mates usually forming a full three piece suite. I mention all this not because I like the sight of my own typed word but it was something stirred by the appearance on our screens and through our speakers of a new platter from the Quiet Marauder entitled ’I want a moustache, dammit’. this lot hail from Cardiff, a by all accounts revolving door anti folk co-op headed up by the inscrutably wayward song writing duo Messrs Read and Day and found ploughing the sometimes surreal barbed humouring what if universes of Lehrer, half man half biscuit, the popticians and dalmation rex – to name just a few. Crookedly infectious and decidedly bent out of shape, ‘I want a moustache, Dammit’ hiccups and croons its way through a recital recipe impishly sewn together one suspects aside crackling campfires with alcoholic refreshments, a deeply worrying tale of underachieving masculinity and the fear of every male of the species in being unable to sculpture a hairy lip in the image of alpha male Burt Reynolds and thus handing out quick fix cheat guides involving Burt masks. Utter lunacy and totally barking though not entirely the most worrying aspect at large for in January the blighters promise the release of a 111 song (hang on am I reading this right) four volume debut album entitled ’men’ via bubble wrap records. Well worth mentioning that the curious among you might do well to scroll through the play list and call up the haunting holiday adventures going awry ‘the day the animals went fucking crazy’ Consider yourselves well and truly warned. http://www.soundcloud.com/quietmarauder/I-want-moustache-dammit

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