roadside picnic – various…

Also related Wizards groove – just to let you know that the Roadside Picnic vs. revenant sea collaboration appears to have broken cover finally, those with long memories may well recall us mentioning the revenant sea’s debuting cassette set for auditory field earlier this year as well as a sneaked cut from their face off with RP. Well it seem the cassette set entitled ’their words are lost in the din of jets’ is imminent on the Jehu and chinaman imprint. Sticking with roadside picnic we did get a message from Mr Wiggan to say there would be cassettes aplenty shortly at our gaff and that there were sound files lurking on face book. Buggered if the former have arrived or indeed we can find the latter however that said worth alerting that the blighters been fair busy of late as we’ve spied various releases and collaborations with the likes of Guilherme Miotta, Maurizio Bianchi, David Osbaldesten and an incredibly limited thing for centipede farm called ‘Magpies and lies’.

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