Okay just a very brief mention for this while we wait for hard copy promos to arrive. Debut full length from Sukh is due for frenzied record store counter action shortly – mid November if you are wanting something a little more precise – oh go on then the 18th. Entitled ‘kings’ Sukh has been getting a fair amount of acclaim not least here wherein way back in February we literally fell over ourselves in our adoration of ’den’. for those not quite up to speed Sukh is better known as Manchester resident Sukhdeep Krisham who by day takes care of the ills of the neighbourhood as a Doctor and by night cobbles together flag waving slices of perky bright eyed pop. Don’t believe us eh – well take a gander at the video / sound clip below and tell me what’s not to like – lolloping banjos, shimmer toned strums, people dressed in mock banana splits outfits and feel good vibrations all gathered together and lushly dipped into an energetic pulse prickling sleigh ride that shuffles, tumbles and chirps with the kind of hope against the odds rallying call of a pre ’sit down’ era James.

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