Now be honest, there are super groups and there are SUPERGROUPS, forget the nonsense radio pleasing accidents at birth and marketing gimmicks, what you really want is a gathered collective dragged kicking and screaming into the studio and left to operate outside their normal comfort zone. Enter Mutation. Now I’ll be honest when I first read the press gubbins for this I did have a cursory glance at the calendar. Satisfied it wasn’t April fool’s day I got to thinking it must be some hilarious for 3 seconds month long wheeze similar to say STOPtober or MOWvember wherein it becomes open season for practical jokers. Four reads of the same press release and I’m still decidedly at odds with this. What’s the fuss you might ask. Well it seems some bright spark has gathered together a misfit posse dragged them to the studio and nailed down from the resulting carnage a 10 track album to be released soon on ipecac entitled ‘error 500’ from which ‘relentless confliction’ is currently being aired and indeed premiered by noisey. Among the assembled throng there are wildhearts, nepalm death personnel, mark e smith, merzbow, cardiacs, hawkeyes, young legionaires and the odd member of canaya and sisters of mercy exacting delightfully unruly groove upon clued in sound systems. Mr Smith takes up guest vocals on the aforementioned ‘relentless confliction’ – a riotous stop start stuttering grizzled aural acid bath fusing new strains of progressive art rock along the way disregarding time signatures and any notion of conformed structure to instead belch and blister to a surge of rapid fire riff artillery whilst frankly possessed of a drop dead killer snarling and snaking locked groove motif with of course an animated Mr Smith preaching from the fore in a most deranged and damaged way. Can do no wrong.

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