someone still loves you boris yeltsin

Apologies for the delay with this ‘un, truth of the matter is its been sending us into so may swooning fits that we’ve scarcely recovered enough to put typing finger to key pad so to speak. New full length ‘fly by wire’ from pop darlings someone still loves you Boris Yeltsin via polyvinyl comes if your quick enough – on heavy duty coke bottle clear wax replete with gatefold sleeve and poster. Get there quicker still and you can bag yourself a limited red cassette version or via mail order while stocks still last an ultra limited red / white vinyl variant. So that’s it done with the various editions. Polyvinyl ought to be no strangers to readers of these pages, we’ve had occasion in the past to wax lyrically about their impeccable release roster – owen, Saturday looks good to me and strfkr among the list praised here in recent memory with of montreal’s latest – and dare we say immense ’lousy with sylvian briar’ getting a brief once over – alas we’re still light on a full copy. And so to someone still loves you Boris Yeltsin or STLYBY for short to say on repetitive strain consequences, ten cuts to charm, seduce and serenade those of you who prefer your listening experiences dinked and teased in softly lit sepia streamed shyness and oozing in reflective romance. One for those who many a moon ago tapped into the heart strings adorable debut ‘try fly blue sky’ via grandpa stan records, this breezily brief set tingles to the same demurred vibe, the musicianship tenderly bathed in a quietly effervescent aura that swoons in the minute the opening salvo ‘Harrison ford’ coos and sighs into ear shot with its smoky soft purr to the closing farewell lightly spring heeled flutter of ‘fly by wire’ all delicately turned in an arresting array of whisper like bitter sweet floral flurries. Each here a gem, the harmony drenched soft west coast after burn that attaches to ‘lucky young’ is primed with enough honeyed hook happy hues to have the most self styled indie kid a jaw dropped and defences surrendering. Somewhere else there’s the razor sharp buzz sawing shimmer of the indie crunched ‘night water girlfriend’ with its dials set to strut grooved fringe flopping swoon while the simply entrancing push pull pulse racing dynamics that zig zag precociously amid ‘young presidents’ are enough to warrant the occasional heart stopping moment. Then there’s the funky soft south pacific like exotica tripping from ‘Loretta’ itself blessed with a lolloping sun fried motif that had us vaguely in mind of Marr’s riff shimmies on Stex’s ‘I still feel the rain’ while the aching ‘bright leaves’ is so cutesy cooled we’d have suspected this to be an escapee of a youthful Kevin Barnes note book had we not known better. The sleepy headed folk fancy that is ‘ms. Dot’ may well have peaked our affections where it not for the arrival of ‘cover all sides’ – a beautiful slice of pristinely purred pop tailored in a glowing Van Dyke Parks craft and gorgeously crushed in a vintage aura that sounds as though it’s been dusted down and rescued from a forgotten box found in a 50’s attic. Quite perfect all said.

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