Is it just me or is the Mazes cut ‘hay fever wristband’ just a tad whiffing of the move’s ‘I can hear the grass grow’. so it is just me then. Ah well just wanted to get that out there so to speak. A nifty little seamless link this given that various Mazes types where on board mixing the previously mentioned Novella EP. New mini album on the way, between you and me a bit of clever marketing on their side to ensure their name is cast to the forefront of voters minds in the end of year polls. Or am I being cynical. Of course I jest, not about the album bit, for that’s called ’better ghosts’. due for delivery early November on the celebrated Fat Cat imprint, ’better ghosts’ shifts apace from the bands consolidating ‘ores and minerals’ set, described by the band as revealing hints of the Mazes sound to come whilst echoing distantly to that aforementioned set, the ten tracks featured here were crafted on the road, some cuts rehashed body parts of old songs while others were songs from ‘ores’ crystallised and fortified anew during touring this year. Of course there’ll be a fuller mention in a latter missive, for now though ‘hay fever wristband’ is being paraded to give early warning of what’s on the horizon. Sorry but it does sound like that previously referred Move nugget, though here as though rephrased through the peculiar pop viewfinder of Wire c.‘79 as though giving birth to monochromatic Monkees studio hatchlings, needling art grooved riffage corkscrews impatiently away hiccupping to a deliciously scuzzy lo-fi’d threadbare production which older listeners might well – once heard – be inclined to rummage away through record collections to unearth your c-86 styled shambling gems of yesteryear – cue stump and bogshed – infectiously dislocated and a tad feral, but we love it all the same – you will to.

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