More mind morphing tripping mosaics this time from quartet Novella whose ‘murmurs’ EP is imminent via Italian beach babies shortly whereupon it’ll arrive pressed up on a dinky cassette limited to just one hundred copies from the same sound stable that originally issued that amazing vision fortune release now wowing all on the ever cool cardinal fuzz imprint and rightly admired in print here. Anyhow Novella are currently hatching plans for a debut full length due next year with this four song set serving as a clarion call as to what’s coming. So far one cut – ‘follow’ – has been sneaked out as a showcasing teaser taster which by our reckoning joins the dots as were between Electrelane and Billy Mahonie given its built upon a deeply alluring and intricate threading of hypno loop riiffola layers which fuzz and buzz with a chill tipped craft to mainline upon a sun shimmered motorik murmuring whose star crossed trajectory subtly wig flips upon a progressive psychedelic math grooved axis.

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