vienna ditto

Got a little nudge from their press people about this and I must admit I’m a little dismayed that we’ve so far failed to hook up to it. New EP from Vienna Ditto might just be the finest thing featured in this missive. Swelled from the acclaim lavished upon them in the wake of their ‘liar liar’ outing, this three track set ups the ante considerably. ‘ugly’ opens proceedings sounding not unlike some hitherto lost sound capsule capturing some rare studio event pairing together the collective minds Jarre and Moroder before shedding its skin to emerge as a slinky and smoked slice of alluring dark noir tripped with down tempo beats all cultured in the kind of demurred sophistication that purred from between the grooves of platters bearing the name Portishead upon them. That said its ’by way of apology’ that proves to be the pick of the trio here, this sultry dream wired lullaby serenade is sweetly bowed in haunting sepia stressed signatures, like a spectral siren Hatty Taylor beguiles and smoulders to a softly bewitching noir torch electronica mirage whose seductive milky kaleidoscopic hues shimmer to a filmic elegance that draws subtly towards Goldfrapp territories albeit tenderly flavoured in a musicalia mosaic into which elements of Musetta, Pram, Broadcast and the Shortwave Set blur and cascade. Bringing matters to a close is the lazy eyed smoked cool library cocktailia that is ’stop’ which lushly relocates a swooning array of Barry / Mancini motifs and dimples them in starry shimmers and packs them off to play peek a boo in the cosmicalia of Stereolab’s ‘cobra phases’.

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