dan haywood

Consider this. You receive an album, let’s just say it goes by the name ‘dapple’. upon its grooves a carefully selected musical troupe sharing the same musical vision as its head gatherer. Lets call him Dan Haywood. Across its ten tracks a vivid portrait, more so an ode or a hitherto love note to the rural countryside, recorded on location in the forest of Bowland. The compositions more than mere campfire song echo with hurt, optimism and that rarest form of an English musical vocabulary desperately lost, maybe less stressfully mislaid, that being the timeless art of folk storytelling crafted in the old ways and free of modernist influence. Here there are intimate hymnals, wood crafted gospels and the ghostly murmurings of countryside jigs. Birdsong features prominently throughout with a chorus line of wrens, chaffinches, blackbirds, great spotted woodpeckers and robins. You feel you ought to sit up and pay attention. And we did. Something else due for closer attention in the coming days.

To whet appetites here’s a video…of ‘suspicious farms’

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