Hands up who remembers Inch Blue from a few years back, much admired around these here pages they cut sky signing slice of volcanic stratospheric pop both bruised and powerfully animated. I’m wondering if the Haarts might have tripped across them because ‘article way their new single for KK Music is ripped similarly so. Lush in effects pedals and shimmered in the kind of emotion shredding panoramic sound theatering more commonly associated with the Chameleons, ’article way’ is blessed with a dynamic gravitas worthy of something with the descriptive words majestic and atmospheric attaching to it, undercut by a thunderous underpin atop of which the spectral sonic symphony of sky ripping riff sirens converge with breathless beauty this gem veers to a mammoth pageantry of 80’s big sound with a withering windswept widescreen valour.

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