horse party

You ever that feeling upon hearing just the first three seconds of a track when your normally sedate and un-fussed hairs on the back of your neck suddenly stir into prickling agitation alerting your inner radar that something special is about. Well we never got that here. Of course I jest, had you going there admit it. New platter from horse party who, to date have managed to sneak away beneath our mortified radar a handful of releases, have been setting the listening space alight with much buzzing love. ‘what do you need’ is well frankly – darkly seductive – reference wise think Carina Round bitten by a youthful spell crafting PJ Harvey, this babe is slinky – snaking and mooching ever deliciously around a darkly choking dead headed primitive soft psych growl that’s shimmered in 60’s shades and prone to erupt and fracture in a most intensely consuming way as to leave you pressed upon your listening wall with its sheer ferocity. In sharp contrast and found wallowing on the flip the disturbingly hurtful ‘see wider’ is succulently mellowed in an airy bitter sweet drawl that seemingly sets its dials for stricken with Ms Langley caught in the eye of the bruised storm her vocals creaking forlornly to the stress fractures heaving around her. Out via integrity – a debut full length – cover your eyes‘ looms on the near distant horizon. .

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