Damn – these young chaps certainly have unresolved issues. Formed at the start of the year the buzz surrounding Autobahn among the chattering classes on the street has been – by all accounts – spreading like a fast impacting virus. Sold out shows scribed in ice cool frenzy and bowed by in a withering detachment, the Leeds based quintet wearily move to the second stage of the process with the release of their debuting self titled EP for the tough love imprint. Prized from that set ’Seizure’ is alarmingly bled in a negative futility, a tale of a fit suffered in Brighton, from the off its squaring up to you close and personal, amid the unrelenting ferocious jabbing and sparring, there’s despair, desperation and frustration strangling at its very core. Racked in tension and pure paranoia it howls with a post everything end of days frenzy laced by scalded riffage and bedded firmly in acute agit core – dare I say much adored here – we’ll try and nab full copies for further inspection.


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