dead leaf echo

Regular subscribers will be all to aware of our fondness for dream popping shoe gazers dead leaf echo, from their earliest releases they’ve been getting tracked on our sonic radar although admittedly in recent years we’ve somewhat lost transmissions. Now signed to the quite wonderful Neon Sigh imprint – who incidentally have just put out the Telescopes latest set – which to much embarrassment we’ve haplessly so far failed to review – a small point that’ll rectified in the coming days – Dead Leaf Echo after releasing a handful of much acclaimed EP’s and singles finally released their long awaited debut full length earlier this year entitled ‘thought and language’. from that set ‘birth’ has been given a remodelling by lost children – a collective whose ranks boast members of ice choir and ravens and chimes. A quite entrancing thing it is, all murmured in 80’s hazes, swooned in Cocteau-ian mirages and milky montages that lilt in a most alluring ether shimmered symphonia that’s dimpled in a feel good embracing yearning romance that smothers softly as it dream weaves the cosmic heavens – arresting in a word.

Sound clips here which why your listening we suggest you take a peak at the bands label shop window wherein fans can feast on all manner of ultra limited offers and rare recordings……

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