black forest black sea

Black Forest Black Sea
Secret Eye

Something of a rare outing for Black Forest Black Sea all lovingly pressed on ultra limited quantities (500) of ten inch slabs of wax housed in silk screened metallic sleeves. The core duo – Secret Eye label owners Miriam Goldberg and Jeffrey Alexander are accompanied on this occasion by Miriam’s sister Margot and Providence based musician Joe Grimm (more readily recognisable to the record buying underground as the Wind Up Bird).

Two cuts feature within with ‘Gemittarius’ opening the set, a trippily confused cutie or at least that how it initially appears, shimmers of dislocated squealing cellos that creak and disturb with nonchalant abandon to entwine and arc around fractured though plaintively primitive in design neo folk accents in terms of reference points imagine an early career Black Heart Procession collaborating with Set Fire to Flames with Sunburned Hand of the Man applying their strangely alluring mystical pagan magic across the mixing desk. The textures dark, decidedly haunting and yet disturbing enchanting almost stumbling blindly to carve out what is essentially a drone mantra imbibed fog bound archaic folk shanty.

Flip the disc for ‘Aquemini’ (of course we get it now – the play on star signs) – if anything this provides for a slightly more obscure and strangely ominous slice of psych folk that should appeal in the first instance to fans of Our Glassie Azoth and Alphane Moon while those much loving of mid career Volcano the Bear and elements of Muslim Gauze may also find themselves suitably satiated by the ostensibly blissed out and tribal-istic curiosities that lie in within. That is of course before things go a little off radar mid way through wherein a weird and fried electronic transmogrification occurs and everything goes – shall we say – a little EAR / Spectrum / Jessamine on us, all weird looping manipulations, hypnotic frequency twiddling, spaced out montages, sheens of controlled mind warping hazes of white noise and a discernible though absolutely tasty spot of wig flipping is exacted. Damn fine if you ask me.

first aired – October 2008

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