dean wareham

Prized from a forthcoming solo set entitled ‘emancipated hearts’ and released on Double Feature and Sonic Cathedral shortly is a new single from Dean Wareham (ex Luna / Galaxie 500 – as if you needed reminding) ’love is colder than death’ – a sentiment to which I can personally concur with, why can’t soul mates live next door or within recognisable commuting distance and / or be mentally tattooed so you know their your bliss forming match – ah well enough of my enviable list of failures at the spiteful hand of fate. Dean Wareham – of course admired around these here parts – when that is he sees fit to venture out of his secret lair, here colluding with Sonic Boom and Cheval Sombre – the latter of whom we used to get nice emails from and since becoming a leading light in the psych dream pop firmament we’ve strangely falling off his radar – dare say there’ll be a grumbling response to this as a result though we’re fairly certain there’ll be non such from Sonic Cathedral who despite shed loads of reviews have yet to barely utter a ’cheers’ – perhaps if we called ourselves something trite like Mojo it’d would be a different story. Are we detecting an air of grumpiness here – I should coco – in truth blame Dean Wareham where it not for his record being so damn gorgeous we’d be happily reviewing the bombastic king champion sounds – hold onto your wigs kids it’s looming on the horizon. Anyway for those of you still with us and not asleep ’love is colder than death’ is as advertised previously quite simply gorgeous, coiled in the soft alluring setting west coast sun glow this honey comes tenderly trimmed in a genteel country psych smoking jacket that duskily echoes with an acutely warm hymnal melt to recall Lee Hazlewood all lazily spun in sepia twists and a homely classicism that seductively shuffles along as though sat aside a campfire crackle in the open country shade of mountain side hideaway.


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