our solar system

Staying with Active Listener, we haven’t quite had time to ingest the entire contents of their latest free to download compilation ‘sampler #13‘ more just snacking on it – that said a quick rummage around the various invitees – among the roll call you’ll find neils children, sky picnic, haunted leather – who we featured here a few missives back if memory serves and magic cat who apparently have an ultra limited 250 only waxen debut which needs seeking out and listening to. But enough of that for it was our solar system who caught our attention, a collective who we believe hail from Sweden and judging by visual evidence dressed in gowns and smocks look like God bothering peace and love hippies who’ve fallen off the Demis Roussos magic bus sometime back in the 70’s mainlining on a strange intoxicating sonic brew more Circulus than polyphonic spree in design and feature among their ranks various members of dungen and lisa o piu. ‘merkurius’ featured here is a delightfully far out cornucopia of sound that taps directly into the embryo jazz exotic brand of mind expanding kraut groove, one we suspect for those attuned to the hidden delights of such esteemed vault digging imprints as Trunk and finders keepers and cut with such far venturing musical panache that it draws the invisible dots between tank, the Winston Giles orchestra and Ariel Kalma. There’s an album kicking around in record world entitled ‘vart solsystem’ that we suspect we need to hear before we get any older. http://www.activelistener.banscamp.com

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