Quick mention for this while we wait for promos of their new single to land. Spies hail from Dublin and are another guitar wielding quartet (possibly a quintet – not quite certain from the press release – perhaps they added a member between lines 2 and 5 – so sarcastic always the case late at night) of indie chaps with their fingers on the pulse of panoramic pop. The colossal ’November sun’ veers forth radiating such feel good exuberance coiled in the subtle usage of strutting kick backs that we felt obliged to root out a few old chestnuts from many a year ago by the Wild Swans for a spell of magnifying glass viewing comparisons and with that convinced that this has the brushing of the so called second coming of early 80’s post punk merseybeat accents attaching. Add to that the cold cool harvesting of widescreen majesty and the dinking of a volcanic surge of emotional ripples and the sky criss-crossing distress call of the stratospheric riff sirens and you have yourselves a blossoming sonic storm catcher of some measure. http://www.soundcloud.com/prescription-pr/november-sun

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