the grafham water sailing club

Forthcoming on Static Caravan – no details yet just sound cloud links – will be a 7 inch from the Grafham Water Sailing Club. So the names familiar then, well it ought to because we mentioned these dudes in via one of the three extended instalments of TftAttic Volume XII when we happened across their stuff – incidentally this here track as your asking – on a specially put together Static tape made exclusive for the recent cassette store day shenanigans – a copy of which we‘ll have to nab along with that usb doll type release – see for further info. No amount of repeat plays can shake us from our initial view that ‘Ankara’ is quite simply something else, squalling psychotropic riff sirens heavily indebted to a late 80’s New Zealand scene, dimples of Chameleons-esque majesty and a hearty side serving of seizure pulsing post punk coolness and kaleidoscopically hazed in a swirling sonic lightshow that echoes to a bleached blissful epiphany that shimmers seductively as though the result of a cross wiring sonic fusion of JMC and thee hypnotics – well cool. Hook up to their sound cloud player and you’ll encounter ’kappa kappa’ – a darkly brooding and chilling psyched n’ twanged out bad boy channelling the spirit of Link, Lux and Joe Meek whilst simultaneously grooving upon an axis previously ventured by the Walking Seeds though here as though re-calibrated by the Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet retuning ice forming psychosis sapping Lynch-ian sound-scapes. And don’t get us started on ’the butcher of Barcelona’ – lets just say this is prime time ’seduction’ era Danse Society rewired as were by a particularly cold wave b-movie.

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