I’m a tad embarrassed to say that we missed all the hype / chat and – no doubt – fevered frenzy that followed in the wake of Deathfix’s debuting super fried platter earlier this year. Headed up by Fugazi’s Brendan Canty and mix master Rich Morel, the pair forged alliances over a desire to rip up the formulaic rule book and trip out something groovy that blended their shared fondness for prog and glam. Soon to visit these shores for a short 6 date November tour. ’dali’s house’ ripped from that aforementioned album has been serviced with a video to herald the quartets arrival. Something that in truth I’m suspecting will have die hard Fugazi admirers found ponderously stumbling on back foots while flipping the wigs of the more open minded, for here be fat riffs, in fact make that fat funky riffs, well fat funky as fuck riffs at that, all wasted and shit faced in a gloriously lazy and melty styled kookily kaleidoscopic disco groove whose outsider persona imagines Gary Wilson shimmying up to a youthful Talking Heads for a floor sprawling chemical comedown with name checks aplenty, utterly addictive and liable to induce infectious rashes yet is it just me who thinks that beneath all of the wayward wonkiness that a sinister almost stalker like obsessional air disquietly attaches.

Video is here……

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