emma’s imagination

Now I need to know more about Emma’s imagination because ’army of old’ has been at equally points haunting and beguiling us so much so that we fear if answers to questions aren’t forthcoming soon that there’ll be a part of our heart forever in mourning. Now we happened upon this track funnily enough after leaving the previously mentioned spies cut running with this ‘un being cued on the pages play list. All we’ve been able to establish is that its been wooing all for a few months now having been airing on sound cloud for a couple of months. What we do know though is that track is quite exceptional, like a crushed apparition lost in the moment lolloping around all flighty and skipping trying to catch your eye while simultaneously desperately hiding its bruised and forlorn inner self , all at once eerie and enchanting all sweetly serenaded in spectral strings, alluring accordions, kooky kazoos and lazy eyed strums, there’s a disarming dizziness at work here, its melodic craft seemingly lost in a maddening world and shimmered as though its fallen through a time rift straight out of the late 50’s – utterly gorgeous in short. http://www.soundcloud.com/emmasimagination-1/arms-of-old


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