Something else that should be high on the radar of any self respecting psych head is the latest track to emerge from the Parlour work bench. For the uninitiated Parlour are a five built around the talents of one Angela Won Yin Mak, the idea for parlour coming to be following an invitation by Warm Brains to apply her vocals to their cut ‘Zaragoza’, from therein a partnership was forged with Warm Brains Rory Atwell that yielded an acclaimed track entitled ‘my love’. with a full working group in place the band have been carving and crafting tracks in the studio which all things being well should emerge into the light sometime next year. For now though a sneak preview of what to expect arrives in the shape of ‘Devil’s eyes’. operating on aural wavelengths more commonly associated with the black angels, ‘devil’s eyes’ prowls seductively, an ethereal sprite ushering forth hymnal mantras set atop a haunting and hazy slow to burn psych folk mirage dinked in the kind of archaic spirituals you’d imagine swooning out of an enchanted woodland had Haight Ashbury and Kull been holed up in a woodshed tasked with forging out strange spell crafts (Kull – incidentally – who we mentioned ages ago via a nifty cassette release and of whom have since sneaked out a limited outing on reverb worship which we’ve missed and are much grumpy about – naughty step beckons). Quite enchanting and certainly deserving of closer investigation.

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