Spied this on the latest spot light mail out, straight outta France strut the magnetix with an uber cooled limited 7 inch for the born bad imprint, the third – from what we gather – in the ‘mannix serial’ of four seven inches. Absolutely no information about this safe to say we want one not least because ‘de pire en pire’ has a rather smart and subtle Syd Barrett like fractured states about it especially its opening sequence – very ‘baby lemonade’ – before shifting gruffly into more an acutely fuzzed out 60’s gouged strut-a-rama. That said we here a rather more smitten by the flip ‘regarde moi’ which arrives smoked in a dark psych garage cool which by its close jettisons of into the cosmic voids trepanning all along the way with some head butting dirty beatnik groove – well worth investigating.

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