pipers son

We were going to err on the side of caution and not include the sound cloud link on this, but hey – its quirky, its crooked and quite lovable so what the hell. Released via the vacilando 68 imprint who used to send us nifty releases until we fell off their mailing list, this is the first of three proposed releases by the label before the years end. By piper’s son ‘’please don’t go backwards’ is a teaser taster from the band new album ‘the roar from behind‘ – alas as with all these things there’s bugger all info information with which to lavish and sprinkle upon your reading enjoyment. Disappointment aside we’re much fond of this for its seems the pipers son has something of a habit of hiding his light beneath a very small bushel, with a far away glint soothed in yawning motifs and open chords pastorals there’s a curious breeziness afoot here that playfully canters in an almost apologetic sorry to bother you way that aside being disturbingly sweet and affectionate and sounding not unlike a youthful Soft Hearted Scientists minus the appearance of fairytale imps and ogres is traced with a wonderfully fragmenting aura dusted in a soft psyche wooziness – so while we’re off in search of promos for further inspection here’s a sound cloud link to woo and charm you…..

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