This is TMRW

And back with Static Caravan – don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about that superb RG Morrison album – features next missive out, instead for now something we mentioned a missive or three back. Limited to just 100 numbered copies ‘this is TMRW’ is a tape compilation put out by this most finest of record imprints in celebration of cassette store day last month. Gathered upon its spools 8 of the finest examples of quality underground sounds currently bubbling beneath the radar chiefly around Birmingham and beyond who’ve appeared sometime or another on the various events put on by the ‘this is TMRW’ collective. Among the roll call the Grafham Water Sailing Club who we’ve mentioned earlier on in this missive to much excitable chattering and Victories at Sea whose recent debuting ‘in memory of’ EP for the Static brothers was likewise featured in these pages and had us swooning in the aisles with its bracing collection of effervescent dream popping euphoria . As to the remaining 6 – first up on the inspection table are Health & Efficiency who hailing from Birmingham and boasting six in the ranks appear do a nifty sideline in post everything groove for ‘all I knew’ – which incidentally is picking up admiring glances on the more clued up radio networks – has something of a working for a nuclear free city mindset about it that is after its done melting your head with some big bearded kraut gouged post rocking fusion after which things get hypno funky in a kind of psychotropic Battles on a head dissolving trip. If early 80’s post punkisms is what floats your boat then baby pink might just be what the doctor ordered for ‘feeble’ glowers with a coolly chilled ice forming seduction that had us reaching for our prized stash of Ellery Bop ear gear from a time when we were so much younger and playful. Chiming chords and austere atmospherics all bedded upon an intricately warping melodic spine that gallop along like some super DNA forged from the cross matching of theatre of hate, death cult and brilliant essences – in short nifty. Now here’s something guaranteed to usher a little sunshine into the lives of those feeling the winter blues. Greg Bird currently has an EP entitled ‘black tableaux’ kicking about in cyber world that we suspect we need to hear fairly soon, here shimmied up as GB and Enterprize a doing sophisticated smoked soul seduction as though its fast going out of fashion, ‘but then I lost my mind’ is a rather breezily slice of love noted calypsixalia, kooky and ridiculous infectious and blessed with a sun tanning lightness idly kissed by dinky samples that trade with an air of Smokey riding gunshot with the Soft Priest. Beautifully dimpled and scarred in a bitter sweet bruising of introspective angst wide eye’s ’stay’ tugs desperately at the heart strings freewheeling between volcanic swathes of stratospheric ruptures and the kind of skeletal opines that used to haunt the grooves of early career platters by the Pixies – be warned nothing quite cuts to the quick like this. All said we’ve had a little spy of their sound cloud page and we suggest you do to for their ’still’ demo really is something else and features the most amazing sky piercing arpeggios you’ll hear this side of – well – a victories at sea EP if truth be told. Duo Skull TV on the other hand appear to channel a curious monochromatic math core motif on their cut ‘blade of ceremony’ which sounds like the meeting place where San Lorenzo and Billy Mahonie converge to kick off their shoes and share a moment blissing out to Television, all at once brooding, blistered and unnervingly hypnotic. Last and by no means least Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam whose debut album we have about our person somewhere and by way of a quick peek of we’ve duly noted that the cut featured here – ’one good week’ – doesn’t feature making it I guess an exclusive to this cassette. This babe comes sugar crushed in a power popping glaze of a lo-fi elephant 6 collective styled exuberance that manages to succulently tag the straying vapour trails of a youthful animal collective as though trip wired and sun fried through the radiant x-ray viewfinder of a kaleidoscopic Kevin Barnes – does it for us. That aforementioned album is – it goes without saying – on our radar.

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