grudle bay

More Oxford based loveliness this time from Grudle Bay. This quite something. Three track EP entitled ‘colder’ is a deceptive little cutie, primed packed pop treasure troves turned in genteel ethereal shimmers, crafted with intricately layered haloes all moored and fashioned in sweetly glinting twinkles of dreamy hypnosis with ’colder’ leading out the seduction bedded upon a driving pulse throbbing underpin atop of which the softly beguiled intertwine of hushed love noted harmonies purr with a deeply intoxicating spectral soulfulness. Any notions of that being something of a one trick pony are soon happily put to rest with the arrival of the nocturnally smoked and uber funky seductive prowl of ‘running’ which unless our ears do deceive sounds not unlike a deeply alluring and flighty Dark Captain Light Captain. Perhaps forced with arms up back and asked to choose our favourite moment then hands down ‘fool around’ would take the vote, this shy eyed honey tingles to the love noted twinkle some as that possessed by a thoughtful and bruised Lotus Eaters – need I say more.


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